GOP Rep. Pete King: ‘Hillary Has More Russia Ties Than Trump…’

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Unless you’ve been dwelling below the underside of a boulder, you’ve likely noticed the left has lost their ever loving minds over Trump and Russia (see CA Assemblyman Wants to Teach Students Russia ‘Hand-Picked’ Donald Trump and WaPo Caught Falsely Accusing Russia of ‘Hacking US Power Grid’). But Congressman Pete King pointed out something interesting to a local radio show…

“There is probably more evidence of links between Russia and the Clinton campaign than anyone even could imagine between Russia and people involved in the Trump campaign.”

Pete King is the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. So when there’s an above average chance that he knows a little something about something.

Though to be fair, King simply made the statement and didn’t provide any of the evidence he mentioned to back it up. However as Washington Examiner pointed out, Sean Spicer has…

“It was Hillary Clinton who was the architect of the last administration’s failed ‘Reset’ policy. She told Russian state TV it was designed to strengthen Russia. That was their goal, to strengthen Russia. She used her office to make concession after concession, selling off one-fifth of our country’s uranium, paid speeches, paid deals, getting personal calls from Vladimir Putin. If you really want to talk about a Russian connection and the substance, that’s where we should be looking, that, not there.”

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