JUST IN: Look Who’s Suing Trump And Mattis

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In the middle of a global crisis with North Korea, apparently a couple of hot-button topic advocacy groups decided it would be an ideal time to launch a large lawsuit against POTUS.

We think President Trump and SecDef Mattis have better things to do, but look what these groups are suing for.

Washington Examiner reports:

Two advocacy groups said Wednesday they filed a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s tweets last month declaring a ban on transgender military service.

The suit was filed against Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and other top officials in a D.C. federal district court on behalf of five transgender service members, and argues against reversing a year-old policy of allowing transgender people to serve openly.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLAD, both advocates for gender rights, are sponsoring the lawsuit for the five troops, who were all listed as “Jane Doe” on the complaint

Citing costs and disruption, Trump tweeted on July 26 that transgender troops would no longer be able to serve in any capacity in the military, catching most of the Pentagon and Capitol Hill off guard.

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