JUST IN: Trump Was Right On Russia, Lawyers Confirm He…

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According to a legal team investigating President Donald Trump’s tax returns, Trump owes “no debt to Russian lenders.”

The team also clarified that “no Trump-controlled entities have Russian investors,” but cited two previously known instances in which Trump received money from Russian sources.

Per the Daily Caller:

Trump’s legal team at the Washington, D.C.-based firm Morgan Lewis said in a certified letter that the former real estate magnate’s tax returns show he did not receive “any income of any type from Russian sources.” But the firm cited two exceptions, both of which have been widely reported.In the letter, Trump lawyers Sherri Dillon and William Nelson also said that his taxes show that no Trump-controlled entities have Russian investors. Trump also owes no debt to Russian lenders, the firm said.

The returns do show $12.2 million Trump received from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow. The returns also show $95 million in income from Trump’s sale of Florida real estate to a Russian billionaire in 2008.

It seems Trump is complying with a request made earlier this week by Senator Lindsay Graham to “find out more about Trump’s dealings in Russia”:

Trump asked his lawyers to produce the certified letter in response to questions about Russian business ties that were raised in a Senate hearing earlier this week.

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