More Very Fake News from CNN: Network Analyst Claims Trump Never Made Article 5 Commitment to NATO

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They never learn. CNN is at it again, pushing more very fake news designed to hurt President Donald Trump with misinformation fed to viewers through its channel.

This time, on the morning of the Fourth of July, CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer, also a historian at Princeton University, inaccurately claimed that President Trump never made an Article 5 commitment to America’s NATO allies. The startling and deeply inaccurate accusation came during a discussion about President Trump’s upcoming meetings at the G20 summit, his forthcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and tensions rising in North Korea.

“The United States can’t weaken its commitment to South Korea,” Zelizer said, adding:

That won’t work. That won’t help the situation. This has been a central ally in the effort to put pressure on North Korea. It’s the same as our efforts to engage China. So this is a place where there could be actually considerable tension with Russia. Look, there’s something very important President Trump has to do, actually, and it is to affirm his commitment to NATO—something he has not done. That’s a big factor in creating an alliance that will strengthen our ability to…

When asked in a follow-up by CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield—who did not correct Zelizer’s inaccuracy—if that’s something he thinks might be “potentially happening” on Trump’s upcoming trip, Zelizer again peddled the fake news.

“I don’t know if it will happen,” Zelizer said. “But I think it’s actually quite urgent. I think it’s something Putin needs to hear. For all the bluster, I think it’s something he has not said. And I think it would be very helpful to the administration.”

This one is unbelievably easy to debunk. All one has to do is go look at CNN’s own reporting, from a June 9 report on its website from CNN politics reporter Jeremy Herb, to see that CNN analyst Zelizer is lying on national television.

The headline of Herb’s early June report speaks for itself: “Trump commits to NATO’s Article 5.”

“I am committing the United States to Article 5,” the CNN report quotes Trump as saying at a news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the Rose Garden at the White House.

In fact, in the live broadcast on CNN, CNN contributor and Politico White House correspondent Tara Palmeri correctly noted that the president and administration do not feel the need to continue reaffirming Article 5 commitments to NATO allies because “they feel like they’ve already done that in the Rose Garden speech and prior talks.”

What’s perhaps even more troubling about Zelizer’s very fake news on behalf of CNN on Tuesday morning is that when Richard Grenell—the former U.S. spokesman at the United Nations, Trump supporter, and Fox News contributor—called him out for pushing the inaccuracies, he doubled down on the falsehoods. Grenell simply tweeted to Zelizer CNN’s own reporting debunking his claims on the network, and Zelizer refused to acknowledge he pushed very fake news on CNN:


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