WOW: Trump Gets Surprising Phone Call… Immediately Heads to Capitol

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have been bitter rivals for quite some time now. However, it wasn’t always that way — as Trump proved during an interview with The Washington Post.

During the sit-down with Watergate reporter Bob Woodward and others on the WaPo staff (which The Post published under the title “Donald Trump just explained his amazingly depressing vision of the country. Oh boy,” lest you be misled into thinking the paper had suddenly attained a modicum of objectivity), Trump recalled his appearance at Ted Cruz’s rally against the Iran deal last year.

“So what happened is, he was, could not have been more supportive. And in fact, he made a speech, he was making a big speech in Washington, and he didn’t have that many people going,” Trump said of the event, which took place last September.

“And he called me and he said, ‘Would it be possible for you to come?’ I made it outside of the Capitol, right in front of the Capitol, and I came and a tremendous number of people came and it was very successful.

“We shook hands and I left and that was that,” Trump continued. “But I got along with Cruz, Cruz, great. But I always said, Bob, and you were there, I said, at some point, this is going to end. Because people would say, you’re the only two.”

“Right. And at some point the nomination battle ends,” Washington Post reporter Robert Costa responded.

“Yeah. And at some point the nomination,” Trump added.

“Maybe I’m mishearing you, but I feel like you’re almost comfortable being the Lone Ranger,” Costa said.

“I am,” Trump said. “Because I understand life. And I understand how life works. I’m the Lone Ranger. And I said the other day — I watched Cruz as he tried to be as politically correct as he could be. And they say, well, will you support? And I watched him during the debate, and he said yes, and Rubio said yes, and everybody said yes. Because that was the thing to do. We have to support the party.

“But I watched him struggling the other day, struggling so hard, to not use the word “no” when asked about will he support Donald Trump. At the same time, not wanting to — wishing the question wasn’t asked. Because he didn’t want to do anything that would be offensive to the party, let’s say, and to standard politics.”

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